Nov 13, 2023

Power’s 7th Annual Veterans Summit Places Action Over Everything


350 veterans and allies gathered in Tucson for a experience no one will soon forget

Watch a recap of the 2023 Power Veterans Summit

Power held its annual Veterans Summit at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa from Nov. 2-5.

Situated just outside the bustling downtown of Tucson, the location provided attendees an opportunity to surround themselves in nature, while pushing themselves past their comfort zones in physical, mental and spiritual ways.

The two main goals of the Power Veterans Initiative is to:

1) positively impact the business

2) positively impact the lives of those who served

If this weekend was any indication, it’s safe to say: mission accomplished.

The weekend began with a state of the union address on the impact the Power Veterans Initiative (PVI) has had on the company.

Vice Presidents of Military Affairs James Boscia and Clayton Still proudly announced the growth of the military community at Power from just 17 veterans and military spouses out of 2450 employees in 2016 when the initiative began, to 511 out of 3457 totally employees today.

This community within Power exploded from .6% to almost 15% in 7 short years, not only representing the majority of the growth of the business, but also surpassing any other group internally in terms of retention.

That’s where the second goal comes into play. By refusing to treat veterans as charity, they instead have built a culture within a culture that serves as a beacon for those looking for purpose after service.

How did they do this? By placing Action Over Everything. At this year’s Summit, attendees were challenged through physical activities like horseback riding, tire flipping, UTV riding, and a challenging hike in the desert climate. Through the dust, wind and sun, attendees forged relationships, pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, and built memories that will last a lifetime.

Holding expeditions and summits like this one are a key way that the Power Veterans Initiative does more than just hires vets. It actively works to retain, grow, and empower them to be their best selves.

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